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Alarm.com is pleased to announce that, beginning this summer, we will be adding a geo-location service as an option for those home security service customers who have systems with interactive features. FrontPoint Security is a leader in the home security field. It is the winner of the Alarm.com Best Home Security Company for 2012 Award. They offer remote access features such as real time alert, remote arm and disarm and notifications. Now we are happy that they are now offering a new geo-location service, with interactive monitoring features, to their customers. This feature is included at no extra charge to their present customers who are on either their Interactive or Ultimate monitoring plans.
Customer can create a geo-fence around a specific location and if the customer's smart phone is outside that "fence" at a given time the alarm system will be turned on automatically. Alarm.com will be adding new geo-services in the near future, such as enabling geo-fence to be used to automatically turn off lights or lower the thermostat.

Geo-fence can also be used around other important locations such as a vacation home or your child's school and it can even be used to monitor elderly people in their homes.

If you leave the geo-fence area without activating your home security system, the service will automatically send you a text reminder. This is also helpful for businesses because reminders can be sent to a number of users if someone forgets to arm the business security system before closing.

Geo-location is a great tool for providing peace of mind while enabling you to get the most out of your security system. It gives you the flexibility of controlling your security system and monitoring a location without the need to physically be there, while knowing that that location, and the loved ones who are there, are continuously monitored.

Customers have the option of setting up their geo-fence feature with their smart phone. They can specify the location and specify how "wide" they want the fence to be and when the service will and won't be active.  

As Front Point Security offers geo-location service at no extra charge to existing customers, all present customers need to do is update their existing smart phone application with a free download.

Home security is an important element in keeping your family and valuables safe. Every advancement in home security service is an advancement in your peace of mind. We hope you find the best home security system for the money and for your family.

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